Walk the Tail

Planning a vacation but don’t know what to do with your pet while you’re away? Temporarily off your feet and can’t care for your pet the way you’d like? No worry! Now there’s Walk The Tail, a brand new concept in home pet care.
No matter what your circumstances are, we’ll give your pet the same dependable, loving, nurturing care that he’s grown accustomed to getting from you, right in his own home.

Boy and dog with party hat

Typical Services:

  • Dog walking
  • Medicine Distribution, Shots
  • Cat Box Clean-out
  • Throwing the Ball
  • Mail and Paper Collection
  • Exercising your pet
  • Feeding
  • Special Diets

If you prefer to board your cat (or turtle, iguana, guinea pig, etc.), we now offer a new service: Board the Tail

cat on wallBoard the tail sign with daughter Delilah

Here are some things our customers have to say:

  • “She would run errands for my wife (who was sick), and she did this without getting additional compensation.”
  • “Nita was wonderful. It was like having a member of my family watching after her.” (Nita picked her puppy up from the vet’s office and cared for it till the client got back.)
  • “She asks lots of questions. Nobody is as particular as I am, and she’s real close, let me tell you!”